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Chiesi Group receives Diversity Leaders Award 2021

Date: 19/11/2020
  • The Group achieves the 10th position (just one other Italian company is between the first 10), among the most inclusive companies in Europe and the 1st position in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sector;
  • In Italy, Chiesi ranks 2nd among the 35 companies qualifying for the ranking.



Parma, November 19th, 2020 – Chiesi Farmaceutici, a research-focused international pharmaceutical Group, received for the second year the “Diversity Leaders Award”, ranking 10th position (just one other Italian company is between the first 10) among the 850 European companies examined and 1st among the most inclusive companies in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sector. Among the Italian groups, Chiesi achieved the 2nd position out of the 35 companies in the ranking. The news was announced in a dedicated article appearing in today’s edition of the “Financial Times”, which promotes the award.


The acknowledgment is designed to identify and enhance the value of leading companies whose policies and actions aim to raise awareness about the concept of Diversity as a fundamental value.


As part of a joint initiative with “Statista”, a leading German company from the international field of statistics, the “Financial Times” interviewed 100,000 people working for 15,000 companies with a minimum of 250 employees in 16 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK) from April to August 2020. 


Employees’ opinions were gathered through a questionnaire identifying the way in which age, gender, equality, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation (LGBTQ) are managed in the company. All of the participants were also asked to what degree they believe their employer promotes diversity using a scale from 0 to 10. The level at which they agreed/disagreed with the statements was measured using the five-point Likert scale (a psychometric technique used to rate responses given in surveys). Participants had also the opportunity to evaluate other competing companies in their respective sectors in terms of diversity.


The Human Resources Directors from every Company interviewed were also involved to further fine-tune the analysis.


The Diversity Leaders Award is a further demonstration of Chiesi’s ongoing commitment, as a B Corp company, to the issues of Diversity & Inclusion – said Giacomo Mazzariello, Chief Human Resources Officer of Chiesi Group –. Respecting the uniqueness of each individual, valuing authenticity and different perspectives, creating a positive environment in which people feel free to express themselves are the values that guide the Group’s actions on the issues of Diversity & Inclusion”.


To consult the complete ranking published by the “Financial Times”, click here.



The Chiesi Group 


Based in Parma, Italy, Chiesi Farmaceutici is an international research-focussed group with 85 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical sector operating in 29 countries. It conducts research and develops and markets innovative drugs for respiratory treatment, Special Care and rare diseases. The Group’s Research and Development centre is based in Parma and works alongside five other important research and development centres in France, the U.S., Canada, the UK and Sweden to promote its pre-clinical, clinical and regulatory programmes. The Group employs around 6,000 people. Chiesi became a certified B Corp in 2019: as such it is required by law to consider the impact of its decisions on its employees, clients, suppliers, communities and the environment. This global movement views business as a force for good. The company is also committed to becoming carbon neutral (generating zero impact on the environment) by the end of 2035.



Contact for the media:

Giovanna Usvardi
Global Communication & Public Affairs Head

Tel: +39 3400875248

Email: g.usvardi@chiesi.com


Alessio Pappagallo

Global Communication Manager

Tel: +39 339 5897483

Email: a.pappagallo@chiesi.com