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Our company promotes prescription medicines based on serious scientific support.


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We perform medico-marketing on the highest professional level to ensure continuous relationships with our partners based on confidence.



With its future-oriented focus in mind Chiesi provides its customers with top quality products. We look forward to contribute our latest knowledge and high standards for many years to come.


Chiesi products

Chiesi’s well-balanced portfolio includes in-patient and out-patient drugs and medical devices.  Chiesi offers original and generic medicine, primarily indicated for the treatment of respiratory diseases, osteoarthritis, anaesthesia and intensive medicine.


Chiesi Romania launched Rinoclenil®

Chiesi Romania launched beclometasone dipropionate (Rinoclenil®) nasal spray for prevention and treatment of seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis and vasomotor rhinitis.


Peyona (caffeine citrate) is an orphan drug only for hospital use, registered by centralized procedure and indicated for the treatment of primary apnoea of premature newborns. This pathology is characterised by the incomplete development of the brain centres which control the respiration.

The premature apnoea, which is defined primary due to the lack of any apparent cause, is the manifestation of breath pauses in breathing, which reflect the immaturity of the breathing control systems. The drug is marketed in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Italy and Romania.

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