Code of Ethics & Compliance

The Code of Ethics and Conduct expresses the Chiesi Group’s commitment to operate not only in accordance with the laws and regulations currently in force but also with certain principles and rules of conduct of an ethical nature.

The application of the following principles is guaranteed by the existence of procedures within the Group aimed at ensuring that its employees, internal bodies and third parties acting on its behalf, operate effectively in accordance with ethical principles.

This version of the Code has been approved by the Board of Directors of Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A., in 2015. This constitutes an official Group document and as such is binding upon all the bodies, employees, consultants, collaborators, agents and, at a more general level all third parties acting on behalf of the Group.

• Download Chiesi Group Guidelines on Ethics & Compliance Edition 2015
• Download Anti Bribery


ANMDM published data on the interactions between drug manufacturers and health professionals and institutions in the field.

EFPIA member companies have submitted, according to the Minister of Health Order 194/2015 , within the period provided by law, all necessary information on interactions with professionals and healthcare institutions and those operating in health. Chiesi Romania SRL is a member of ARPIM.

These have been published, as required by law, on ANMDN website

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